Bimba Chavan

Hindi, Marathi


Melbourne, Australia


Hello, Namaste, Salam walekum, Sat sri akal

Thank you for being here.

It is courageous of you to seek support in times of need.

I facilitate conversations around wellbeing and health. In the last 10 years, I have worked with children, adolescents & families in schools and communities. My hope is that each person in society finds a safe space and a voice to unpack their thoughts. The session can be taken for individuals, parents & child or the whole family. My migration journey has been from Mumbai to Melbourne. I am open to having conversations in Hindi, Marathi, a bit of Gujrati and English

Problems exist in a context. In my sessions, I seek to take in the cultural values a person brings, and solutions are discussed based on what is important to them. I adopt a strengths-based approach, where the strengths of a person are identified. People are the experts of their own lives and through conversations, this expertise can be unpacked

I have recently published a self-help journal that allows you to explore your happy spaces. Do check it out at

In hope and solidarity



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60 mins

60 minutes session


Duration60 mins

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60 mins

Bimba Chavan

$60.00 - 60 mins

60 minutes session